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No joint in the human body has as great a range of motion as the shoulder. Whether you are a star baseball pitcher or simply lifting bags of groceries from the trunk of your car, use of your shoulder is essential. Injury to your shoulder can be extremely painful and severely limit your mobility, calling for the specialized treatment of a shoulder injury doctor.

Piedmont Orthopedics | OrthoAtlanta physicians provide comprehensive care for the multitude of conditions and injuries impacting the shoulder and upper arm. When appropriate, non-surgical treatment of the shoulder is considered first, utilizing conservative procedures such as injections, medication, activity modification, bracing, and physical therapy. Minimally-invasive shoulder arthroscopy can be used to inspect, diagnose and repair some conditions.

When a shoulder injury is more serious, or when conservative measures fail to provide you relief, your shoulder orthopedic surgeon will discuss the next steps, and together you will determine whether surgery is the right plan. From straightforward shoulder dislocation, to rotator cuff repair and complex shoulder reconstruction to total shoulder arthroplasty, or total shoulder replacement, Piedmont Orthopedics | OrthoAtlanta shoulder surgery doctors have the advanced training and expertise needed to address injury or damage to the shoulder and upper extremities.

Common Conditions & Treatments

Learn about shoulder pain, and a range of disorders and medical conditions afflicting the shoulder, including symptoms, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation.

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Piedmont Orthopedics | OrthoAtlanta Physicians

Piedmont Orthopedics | OrthoAtlanta physicians near you who provide shoulder care and treatment of disorders and injury to the shoulder and upper extremities.


Man with shoulder pain

All You Should Know about a Labral Tear of the Shoulder

Learn about labral tear of the shoulder, including SLAP tears and Bankart tears, and treatment options.

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Shoulder Pain

Reverse Shoulder Replacement: 5 Things You Can Expect

Here are five things you can expect after a reverse shoulder replacement surgery.

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Shoulder Pain

What You Should Know about Bursitis of the Shoulder

Here are the signs of shoulder bursitis and the best treatment options.

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Sore shoulder

Rotator Cuff Tear vs. Frozen Shoulder: There's a Difference

Learn and differentiate a rotator cuff tear from a frozen shoulder.

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Sore shoulder

Shoulder Arthroscopy vs Open Surgery: by Comparison

Learn when open surgery and arthroscopy may be needed to treat shoulder injuries.

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Dr. Susan Jordan, Shoulder Impingement

Shoulder Impingement in the Workplace

Dr. Susan Jordan discusses Shoulder Impingement in the Workplace in Georgia1st Workers' Comp magazine.

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Shoulder golf

Understanding the Different Types of Shoulder Replacement Surgery

Is a shoulder replacement surgery right for your condition?

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Shoulder impingement

Shoulder Impingement Syndrome in Tennis Players

Shoulder conditions including tendonitis, bursitis and shoulder impingement syndrome can take a tennis player off his or her game. Learn about causes, symptoms and treatment options for shoulder impingement syndrome.

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Dislocated Shoulder: Its Potential Complications and Treatments

Shoulder injuries can be serious. Treatment is straightforward, but it has to be done right. Here is what to do if you suspect you have a shoulder dislocation.

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Dr. Sharrona Williams, Orthopedic Surgeon

Dr. Sharrona Williams, OrthoAtlanta Orthopedic Surgeon, Cycling to Race Victory Just One Week After Shoulder Arthroscopic Surgery

OrthoAtlanta orthopedic surgeon, Sharrona Williams, MD, finishes second overall and second in her category (Cat 4) during the USA Cycling Southeastern Collegiate Cycling Conference (SECCC) Auburn University Road Race one week after shoulder arthroscopic surgery.

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Throwing Arm Injuries in Young Athletes

Throwing Arm Injuries in Young Adults

Dr. Christopher M. Burket discusses throwing arm injuries and prevention tips for young athletes, including baseball players.

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Dr. Mark Duffield

Finding a New Joint

Dr. Mark Duffield shares insights into shoulder pain and discomfort, and treatment options from non-surgical to reconstructive surgery or replacement.

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