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Hip joints are critical for performing everyday movements, including our ability to stand, walk, and run. But when a disease or injury disturbs the normal functioning of these ball and socket joints, it can result in pain and limited movement. Whether you’re just starting to notice a change in your hip function, have long struggled with hip pain or even undergone an unsuccessful hip surgery, OrthoAtlanta physicians trained in general orthopedics, sports medicine and total joint reconstruction can provide expert care in the treatment of your hip-related conditions and injuries.

A variety of hip problems can develop over time, including arthritis, fractures, inflammation, muscle strains, and even cancer. Common hip complaints include groin pain, clicking and popping, pain with certain movements, pain that moves into our thighs, and difficulty bending.

OrthoAtlanta physicians will first explore nonsurgical treatment options such as physical therapy and injections whenever possible, as conservative treatment options can be effective at treating many hip-related conditions. In those cases where hip surgery is necessary, we offer the latest, state-of-the-art procedures including hip arthroscopy (hip replacement), hip resurfacing and direct anterior approach hip replacement. Appropriate for many patients, direct anterior approach total hip arthroplasty, also referred to as “front” hip replacement is a total hip replacement procedure that is considered more conservative and is a minimally-invasive alternative to the traditional approach to hip replacement. Direct anterior approach arthroplasty can typically result in quicker times to heal and with less post-operative restrictions.

Common Conditions & Treatments

Learn about common causes of hip pain and medical conditions of the hip, including symptoms, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation. OrthoAtlanta physicians evaluate both non-surgical and surgical treatment options in the treatment of injury and illnesses affecting the hip including minimally invasive arthroscopic surgery, hip resurfacing, and the latest in hip replacement surgery.

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