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A range of sports injury and health risks apply specifically to the elbow, especially because it’s a joint that’s in continuous use every day, from activities as simple as using a computer and driving to playing sports, lifting objects, self-protection in an accident, and more—and they can all be treated through the expert team at Piedmont Orthopedics | OrthoAtlanta. The human elbow consists of three long bones that meet in the middle portion of our arm and joined together with muscles, ligaments and tendons. This complex assembly makes the elbow one of the more complex structures in the body. Among their many uses, our elbows allow us to extend and flex our forearms and rotate our hands.

An injury to the elbow can significantly impact your daily routine. Such injuries can occur in the following forms: elbow tendonitis, rotator cuff tear, bursitis in the shoulder, an elbow fracture, or lateral epicondylitis, to name a few.

Pain experienced in the elbow is often the result of “overuse” injuries, such as repetitive hand, wrist, or arm movements common in sports, popular hobbies, and certain on-the-job tasks. In fact, several types of elbow injuries are named after the sports activities that often produce elbow pain, such as Tennis Elbow and Golfer’s Elbow, even though the patient may not actually play tennis or golf. A common elbow surgical procedure, Tommy John Surgery, is named after the professional baseball player who first had UCL reconstruction surgery to repair his injured elbow ligament. If you find yourself in need of assistance through something as intensive as rotator cuff surgery, or something as minimal as physical therapy, finding the right team of doctors is key.

Common Conditions & Treatments

Learn about common medical conditions of the elbow, including symptoms, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation. OrthoAtlanta physicians evaluate both non-surgical and surgical treatment options in the treatment of injury and illnesses affecting the elbow and upper extremities.

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