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Mission, Vision and Values

Piedmont Orthopedics | OrthoAtlanta employees serve our patients and the communities in which we practice with a shared mission, vision and values.


To be the Leader in Orthopedics providing compassion, quality and convenience in musculoskeletal care


To be the leading provider and employer in the delivery of Orthopaedic Care


We are built around shared values that are core to who we are and the care we provide to our patients.

  • Service – Continually raise the Quality, Efficiency and Value of the services we provide; every job is important and affects the patient experience.
  • Teamwork – Commitment to common goals; Listen and Communicate; Collaborate; Readily sharing experience, resources and opportunities.
  • Integrity – Transparency and openness; Honest and ethical in decision making; Accountable for ones actions.
  • Professionalism –Take pride in one’s work, appearance, speech and actions; Exhibit a positive attitude.
  • Compassion – Understand the circumstances and viewpoints of others; Respond to the needs of others; Celebrate the contribution of others.
  • Respect – Embracing a culture that encourages voicing difficult issues and divergent perspectives; Show value towards all individuals for their diverse backgrounds, experiences, styles, approaches and ideas.
  • Improvement & Innovation – Sharing ideas; Embracing innovation and change to make the company better and stronger.
  • Balance and Commitment to Work and Family – A healthy balance between work life and personal life that leads to achievement, pride and satisfaction.

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