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Patient Information

Office Hours/Appointments

Most Piedmont Orthopedics | OrthoAtlanta offices are open between 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday. Some office hours vary. Please see the specific office location information to confirm the hours of operation. Patients are seen by appointment only in our physician offices.


For initial appointments with our practice, patients should arrive at the clinic 15 minutes prior to their scheduled appointment time. If you are a new patient, we ask that you complete a New Patient information sheet. This form provides valuable information for the physician and will enable us to establish a history and administrative file for you and your family. If you have any questions regarding the information requested, please ask for assistance to complete the form as soon as possible. After arriving, please check in with your patient coordinator. If you are an established patient and information concerning your insurance, your address, phone number, or place of employment has changed, please let us know so that we may update our records accordingly.

Record Changes

It is the patient´s responsibility to notify the clinic of any personal record changes such as name, address, phone number and dependents. However, to keep our records current, all patients will be asked to complete new paperwork every six months.


Prescriptions and refills will be issued only during office hours.

Appointment Cancellations

Appointments should be cancelled within 24 hours to allow other patients an opportunity to be seen.

Insurance Information

Insurance Copays
Insurance copays are expected at the time of service. Copays cannot be waived.

If a patient´s insurance company requires a referral from his or her primary care physician to see one of our specialists, it is the patient´s responsibility to provide our clinic with all required referral documentation. Please note that patients must have this referral information with them on their initial appointment to be seen.

Insurance Changes
It is the patient´s responsibility to notify the clinic of any insurance changes. A photocopy of the patient´s current insurance card will be kept in the file to ensure prompt and accurate filing.

Insurance Plans
Please refer to the Insurance page within the Patient Resources section of this website for a list of current insurance plans accepted. You may also contact our physician office for additional plans that may be covered.

Our Patient Resources provides a handy reference to many of the questions you may have regarding your visit.