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Health Tip: Considering LASIK Surgery?

(HealthDay News) -- During LASIK surgery, a laser reshapes the eye's cornea and is designed to improve how the eye focuses light onto the retina.

But LASIK isn't for everyone, and it won't give all recipients perfect vision, the Federal Trade Commission warns.

Even with LASIK, you probably will need reading glasses in your mid-40s, the agency says.

And the surgery isn't without potential complications. Here is the FTC's list of some possible side effects:

  • Irreversible eye damage. This is rare, but the laser device could malfunction. Or there could be complications after surgery, for example, inflammation.
  • Vision problems, such as glare, halos or double vision.
  • A decrease in contrast sensitivity, crispness or sharpness, causing objects to look fuzzy or gray.
  • Dry eye syndrome.
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